Innovation and application of energy-saving technology for refrigeration and air conditioning

Compressor Application Technology - Heat Pump Compressor

Air purification and new air industry technology

New products and applications of refrigeration compressors

Innovative development of cold chain logistics under the dual carbon target

Cold chain logistics industry technology and products

Cold chain and logistics equipment technology and products

New technologies and products of air energy heat pumps

High-Efficiency Computer Room - Efficient Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems and Building Air Use Applications

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation System Technology for Rail Transit

Hospital refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation system technology

New product technology for indoor environmental fresh air systems

Energy saving technology and engineering application of refrigeration and air conditioning

Dehumidification technology and energy-saving technology for air conditioning


New air conditioning products: household air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, central air conditioning and mobile air conditioning, etc.

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, HVAC Supply Chain: Refrigeration compressors, motors, water pumps, fans, air vents, valves, air conditioning accessories, heat exchangers, copper pipes, refrigerants, installation materials, tools and equipment, pipes and fittings, fixtures and hardware, control systems and accessories, insulation materials, welding and fusion equipment, suction and heating equipment, mechanical equipment, testing equipment, side leakage meters, etc.

Freezing and Refrigeration: Cold storage equipment, refrigeration systems and units, refrigeration compressors, refrigeration equipment, cold storage equipment, industrial chillers, cold storage doors, storage panels, insulation materials, cold storage lights, temperature control systems, distribution boxes and related accessories; Refrigerators, freezers, electronic payment systems, refrigerated delivery cabinets, fruit and vegetable preservation equipment, food and meat processing refrigeration equipment, ice makers, cold chain transportation, refrigerated trucks, fresh food distribution services, cold chain logistics, testing equipment, cold storage equipment, etc.

Cold Chain Logistics: Cold Chain Logistics Transportation Services and Equipment, Fresh Logistics Information Technology and Equipment, Comprehensive Refrigeration Technology and Equipment, Fresh End Delivery Services and Equipment, Fresh Food Processing and Packaging Technology and Equipment, Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Technology and Equipment.

Air purification, fresh air, ventilation: air purification, air filtration, fresh air system, central fan system, humidification and dehumidification device, dust removal and air purification, air (air) curtain, energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioning, fans, ventilation equipment, air conditioning units, cold air fans, purification air conditioning units, air duct systems, valves, pipe fittings, cooling towers, etc.

Heat pump: air energy heat pumps, water heaters for household use, commercial machines, heat pump heating machines, gas heat pumps, CO2 heat pumps, underfloor heating and air conditioning, triple supply, swimming pool machines, industrial heat pump dryers, special heat pumps (for high-temperature applications such as drying, electroplating, ironing, printing and dyeing), steam heat pumps, ground source, water source heat pumps, etc.

Refrigeration and air conditioning aftermarket: providing precise installation, full life cycle management, cloud platform intelligent services, maintenance, energy-saving renovation, intelligent building and group control solutions, accessory sales and other services for refrigeration equipment.

2024 Asia-Pacific (Shenzhen) International Heat Pump Industry Exhibition
2024 Asia-Pacific (Shenzhen) International Air Purification,  Fresh Air and Ventilation Exhibition
2024 Asia-Pacific (Shenzhen) International Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Supply Chains of Heating and Ventilation Exhibition
2024 Asia-Pacific (Shenzhen) International Freezing, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry Exhibition


Focus on the organizing committee: organizing the high-quality exhibitors and buyers in the industry chain with all efforts

Introduction to Organizer

Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association (SHIA) aims to serve the enterprises with one-to-one service. SHIA not only builds a platform for member and design units, real estate developers, installation and maintenance, property management, but also provides services to member and regulate the industry. Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association was established on February 17, 2016, with the approval of the Shenzhen Government. Nowadays, the association has 237 membership units and extensive resources of real estate developers, design institutes, product manufacturers, electromechanical installation companies and renowned experts in the industry. SHIA could solve complex technical problems encountered in the development of the industry and provide consulting services for the government and all walks of life. Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association is the most comprehensive and influential professional industry organization in the field of HVAC in Shenzhen, which is also the only 4A- level association recognized by Shenzhen government in this industry. The association also held "the 2024 Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association Annual Meeting and Awards" during the 2024 Shenzhen Refrigeration Exhibition period.

Introduction to Deep Cooperation Unit

   Shenzhen Refrigeration Industry Association was established in July 2012 and is a 5A-level social organization, which is also the first association established in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning in Shenzhen. Since its establishment, under the care and leadership of government departments in Shenzhen, and with the strong support of member enterprises, the association has achieved rapid development in various aspects of its work. Currently, the Association has more than 300 membership enterprises, including well-known brands, agents, engineers, distributors, professional service providers, suppliers of auxiliary materials and operation and maintenance platform. The association adheres to the tenet of service, innovation, self-discipline, and win-win situation, doing a good job as an assistant to the government and a helper to the enterprises by laws and regulations, making full use of the social resources of industry experts and other parties, and making efforts to guide the members to high-quality development in terms of structure, scale, efficiency, service, safety, etc. It also makes due contributions to further promoting the comprehensive development of the refrigeration industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, serving member enterprises, and enhancing the comprehensive strength of member units.

Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association, Shenzhen Refrigeration Industry Association, and other industry associations, will present a high-quality business exchange exhibition platform for the industry. Design institutes in Guangdong Province and other regions, usersassociations and enterprises regarding refrigeration, HVAC, air conditioning, freezing, cold storage and other industries will participate in the exhibition, focusing on displaying the latest results of technology application .



Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association

Guangzhou HVAC Industry Association

Dongguan HVAC Industry Association

Guangdong Heat Pump Industry Association

Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

Wise Exhibition (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.

Deep Cooperation and Joint Units

Shenzhen Refrigeration Industry Association

Guide Unit

China Electronic Energy-saving Technology Association HVAC and Refrigeration Branch

China Indoor Air Purification Association


Carbon Neutrality Committee of China Energy Conservation Association

Guangdong HVAC Association

Guangdong Indoor Environmental Health Association

Guangdong Cold Chain Association

Guangdong Refrigeration Industry Association

Shenzhen Cold Chain Logistics Industry Association

Shenzhen Fresh Cold Chain and Urban Logistics Association

Jiangsu Association of Refrigeration

Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration

Shandong Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association

Hainan HVAC Industry Association

Hubei Association of Refrigeration

Fujian Association of Refrigeration

Guangxi Association of Refrigeration

Hunan Association of Refrigeration

Hebei Association of Refrigeration

Shenzhen Indoor Environment Monitoring and Control Industry Association


Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

Exhibition Application
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